Newsletter: Multiplying the Good

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‘Love cures people – both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it’, psychiatrist Karl Menninger.

Last month a few staff members and myself were invited to the Sandra J Wing Foundation’s “Farewell” event.

It was unlike any event I had ever been to. The candle-lit room was warm and full of laughter, tears, and decades of memories.

Sandra created an indelible imprint on her community and a unique bond with those who benefitted from her mission. All of this was very apparent in the sincerity of those honoring her legacy.

The evening was an impeccable illustration of giving and multiplying the impact through a partnership and a promise.

As I was listening to Sandra’s recollections of her 15 years in service, it sounded so familiar to me. Her vast experiences with a limited budget, her heart bursting from hearing client testimonials, and her passion and drive for the cause that she so strongly believed in.

As she spoke about the highs and lows of her experiences with her nonprofit, it deeply resonated with me, and yet had a normalizing effect of the (sometimes) crazy ride on this nonprofit train.

Sandra will forever remain a community icon and we are the lucky beneficiaries of her ongoing love.

In gratitude,

Lisa McNaney
Founder, Executive Director